Do you want to contribute your artwork?

Hello, fellow artist! Thank you for your interest in painting a bee box for future years of the Bee Victorious Initiative. For the first year of this project, Gloria Burt Fellowship Grant recipient and Sacramento artist Marianne Bland will be painting the first set of four bee boxes. As funding for future years is secured, we will open the project to participation from additional local artists. 

Due to the sensitive nature of bees, only zero VOC paint can be used to decorate the bee boxes- no spray paint, oil paint, resins or alternative media can be used. If you are up to the challenge, please email with "Bee Victorious Artist Inquiry" as the subject line with a link to your website. We will keep interested artists on file and contact you when we know what the future of the project will look like. 


Awesome. Go for it! Did you know that bees actually use their vision to orient themselves and return to the hive? A painted box could make it easier for bees to make it home after making several miles-long trips for nectar and pollen. Consider the material guidelines above and be sure to take pictures and share them with us on social media!