About the bee victorious initiative

What is this project?

The Bee Victorious Initiative is a community project started by Sacramento artist Marianne Bland, made possible in its first year with a grant from the Gloria Burt Fellowship, participants will be gifted with artful bee boxes, supplies and training so that they can become backyard beekeepers with organic victory gardens.

About the Artists

Marianne Bland is a beekeeper, organic fanatic and painter of urban landscapes who has created public art for SF General Hospital, Kaiser Permanente and Mercy Housing. 

Collaborating artist Kerri Warner is an accomplished mixed media artist with strong roots in Sacramento.

Get involved

Do you want to become a backyard beekeeper? Have you long imagined your own thriving organic garden? Are you an artist who would like to paint a bee box, or a patron who would like to see this project continue? Visit the participate section for details on how to "bee" involved!